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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 2, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: hi everybody. welcome wednesday september 2nd i'm greg kelly. teresa: i'm teresa priolo in for rosanna this morning. talk about a heat wave. greg: officially three 90-degree police days in a row. today is day four of mike says it will be 90 plus. so hang in there. teresa: two work arrested accused of forcing kids to brawl in fight club style between ages 4 and 6 years old. greg: big wrestling star. superstar snuca i remember hogan. accused of killing his girlfriend back in the 1980s. yeah. charged with murder. former professional wrestler. >> small town clerk in kentucky making national headlines. she's in trouble with the lawyer if refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples for religious reasons but she has
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times. greg: a wild standoff there. law of the land says that gay marriage is legal and it is her job to issue marriage licenses and she said no to prospective gay married couples. all right, what else? the pope is coming to town, in about three weeks it is a big deal. more opportunities to see him or more opportunities to see him going through slowly central park. if you want tickets you can get them or try to get them via 311 system. i think i have to watch this one on tv. it is a pretty serious turning. >> closest that we're going to get to him. greg: how are you doing teresa? >> good, how are you? ferlg rosanna scotto hasn't called in nobody knows where she is. here's a clue. a sighting after isaiah thomas and michael kane and richard
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gere. spotted in sagaponic alive and well and doing charitable work. with fitzgerald. so good to know that she's being absence. >> we know this is -- at the sunglasses boy, oh, boy. >> her and matt dylan. >> that's matt dylan. >> almost new york post style. >> he's cute opinion greg: good >> how are you? >> good. how are you doing mike? mike: all is good. a sighting. >> look what i saw -- >> doing something crazy, though. >> it will get you in there. >> that's the key you have to get the good picture. >> i have another one in the hamptons not so good.
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>> keep that underwraps. [laughter] anyway. enjoy the time off that's what you're supposed to do. show you what's happening around tristate region opinion another hot and sticky one. fog out there too teresa, and greg. we have dense fog there's a statement just a little statement from the national weather service be aware of some patchy dense fog out there in long island. primarily nassau and suffolk county. three quarters in islip but some place it comes down to a quarter mile or less. look at belmar down to zero u right now look out for fog in coastal locations. that's probably one of our few weather challenges that we have for you today. we've got 75, down in central park right now. 72 newark. 58 degrees in sussex. 57 degrees in monticello. dew points are also on the higher side making it sticky. feels like it's 65 degrees out at 65 a degree dew points out at central park. 68 degree dew point at newark. generally speaking it might be a little bit drier than what we
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had yesterday but still not so comfortable around the tristate region. mainly clear sky and that continues to pump up that heat and humidity from southeastern states. as far as storms go nothing happening right now. i don't think we're going to see a whole heck of a lot happening during daytime here. maybe an isolated storm but for the most part another dry day to us again. 85 midday. high temp up to 9 hotter than that because we have the humidity going for you for next couple of days. your high up to 92 tomorrow. and then become door cold front comes through. that will bring in cool erm temps with a shower risk at you late thursday into early friday. but yeah high of 82 friday an saturday will feel pretty good for us. let's bring in ines check out the roads an rails camera shots giving us fog. what's up ines? >> seeing that fog that you're talking about. then we have construction both directions by victory boulevard. late running construction eastbound traffic here, past
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victory boulevard jammed back to the goethals bridge and west shore and westbound side also moving slow. other problems long island, the l.i.e. two issues an accident by 106, 107 this is eastbound. then another accident eastbound, it is onramp to the northbound seaford oyster bay expressway. this one on our cameras l.i.e. by 106, 107. blocking hov lane eastbound side so traffic moving slow. rubber necking delays. van wyck through q garden interchange combination of that construction zone delay, and also an accident past jackie robinson parkway. problems. amtrak power problem in one of the east river tunnels. so westbound trains canceled as well as delayed up to 30 minutes between jamaica and penn station wood side and pen station they have that suspended now elemented service between penn station is and jamaica so e train cross honoring penn station as well as 7 train at flushing.
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so two and three trains a little an option penn station to atlantic terminal. metro-north new jersey transit and path trains doing fine. teresa an greg. >> what happened at a dak center? new jersey? two of the workers were orchestrating fights between kids they were supposed to be taking care of. making them fight each other and then documenting putting online. >> pushing, shoving each other these kids are young four to six years old. and now two form earl workser there are facing charges. let's go to kerry drew she joins us now from cranford, new jersey outside that day care center. good morning, kerry. >> good morning to both of you here outside the light bridge academy day care facility in cranford, new jersey. it just opened up a couple of minutes ago at 7:00 this morning, and about you can a steady stream of cars in the parking lot parents showing up to drop their kids off as usual. two form earl employees have been arrested both now facing child abuse charges. authorities say they forced kids
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as young as four years old to fight each other and then recorded it. club. >> that is the most appalling reprehensible thing i've ever heard. >> speaking about what two former day care workers are accused of doing here at qur'an cranford, new jersey. >> union county prosecutor says erika kenny and 28-year-old white forced children between ages of 4 and 6 to fight on the playground. authorities say one of the day care workers recorded fighting and shared it on snapchat. the prosecutors office has the video showing about a dozen kids shoving each other to the ground, and trying to hit one another. in the video authorities say one of the workers everyone uses the phrase fights club. vaughn's son attends the day care. he was told that fighting happened it only once, on august 13th.
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that his son was not involved. pmpghts a nice way -- my son wasn't interacting with the persons involved. she say day care down played the incident. >> i'm shocked and disgusted because -- of course the school was told about it but not like we're learning of it today. >> light bridge academy officials are saying this incident does not reflect the 18-year history. >> i'm here to tells you that light bridge academy fully supports prosecutors office and actions they have taken against two former employees we're so thank fling none of the children have been hurt in that distinct. >> back out here live as i said, this place just opened a couple of minutes ago. already we've seen a stream of people heading into the facility. as for those day care workers, both have been fired and both are scheduled to be in court on friday. if convicted they could spend
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five years. back to you in the studio. >> we have a really bad fire in north bridge, new jersey. fire started last night in a private home, firefighters from that town showed up and tried to get inside for a rescue but the fire too hot. >> mammoth prosecutors office is investigating this and trying to figure out also what started it. >> all right jimmy superfly back in the 80s, well, he's charged with killing his girlfriend from brooklyn back in 1983. she was 23 years old at the timing. he's in jail u right now in pennsylvania. >> the girlfriend's name was nancy arch tee know of brooklyn severely injured in a pennsylvania motel room and died next day. he's now 72, the soul person of interest and has been for years. nothing happened until 2013 when an investigation by a pennsylvania newspaper raised some questions about the case. the current wife said he was recently diagnosed with stomach
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cancer. pope is coming to town a thursday, friday, saturday i think he comes on the 22nd if you want to see the pope there are options we have that big mess at madison square garden going slowly through central park. ferlg controversy coming out of the vatican these days. it is a new message from the pope for women who have already had an abortion. let's go live to robert moses he joins us from outside st. patricks cathedral holding a prayer service when he arrives. >> good morning to you. there will be about 3,000 invited guests here at st. patricks cathedral so chances are most noarks will not be able to see the pope here and won't be able to see him at madison square garden a much better chance of seeing him in central park exactly three weeks from this friday. this is a man who relishes the chance to be near the people.
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>> never has a chair been so heralded but this is one on which pope francis will sit at madison square garden on september 25th this morning timmy cardinal dolan will unveil it for the world to seed at the world's most famous arena. the chair when they built in westchester is humble like the holy father himself. pope francis sought to make the catholic church inclusive and welcoming and to that end, the vatican announced from december this year and december of next referred holy year of mercy priests have the power to forgive what the church calls, quote, sin of abortion. the vatican is not changing a little opposition to abortion but this is a significant step considering 40 announcement only bishops could grant for abortion. tmpg abortion for most women is a terrible decision, and he is trying to reconcile them with
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the church as quickly as possible. and to invite them back in. >> his motorcade will ride through central park before the mass at the garden. thousands are expected to line the fruit so they can see the pope face-to-face. the city announced that free procession. you can apply for tickets online or by calling 311 starting tomorrow, through monday. prchg now new york state residents can apply for two tickets apiece in that online lottery. winners will be announced on september 10th if you would like more information we have it all laid out for you at "fox 5 ny".com. that is the latest live from st. pat this morning. greg and teresa back to you. greg: another look at the poem's chair. he's going to sit in this chair made in yonkers. could use a cushion and slack.
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>> a little etching or something. >> word is pope likes it simple. to keep it very simple. but that chair does not look >> very simple. >> at this point, anyway, looking forward to this. new york moment. husband visit. >> i wonder what happens when he's gone too? go in a museum someplace? >> wouldn't it be nice to sit in that chair? >> yeah. want to go to st. pats? >> did you see this? showdown in kentucky over gay marriage. gay marriage is it now legal. one kentucky county clerk said no, it is her job to issue marriage licenses you see the come there with the eyeglasses. she said she wouldn't. the man there is seeking one brought the media, this is a with national complications. mp her name is kim davis she's an elected firm and again greg said that she is not giving up his licenses. let's go out to liz dahlem she'sed a mangt about this list.
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>> they captured that encountinger good morning to both of you. small town clerk in kentucky has a date with a federal judge after refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. here's the problem she's defying a u.s. supreme court ruling. >> under whose authority -- due to her christian beliefs not reusing licenses sued by two gay couples. most barricaded after a last ditch request for a delay by the supreme court yesterday morning. next. >>she has a right to her belief but we're talking about the law right now. i have beliefs too but i would right. >> christianity is not something that we're doing -- we can't go against who we are. >> davis is refusing to resign
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and can't be fired because she's elected official and appear in federal court tomorrow and potentially face steep fines as well as jail time if the judge finds her in contempt. so we'll be keeping an eye on that a lot of protesters outside of court tomorrow morning. back to both of you. >> stay on that story for a moment. thank you liz as we look at kim davis her mother had that job before she did for 37 years elected in january. can we take a look at her in the showdown in kentucky. there are few very ways to get out of office. impossible l to impeach her she was elected she can't be fired at this point. >> issuing marriage licenses is one of the tenants of that job. one of the main duties of the clerk. >> every job -- that is public you take an oath to support the defend the constitution. so i heard from one seeking a marriage license, they kind offed mire admire her standpoint but
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looks look at this point it is illegal. >> we having out there that's been our main issue out there with the weather for the morning commute. it has been out in nassau and suffolk county so look out for patchy dense fog that takes visibility numbers down to a quarter mile or half mile in islip. down to zero in belmar affecting jersey shore coast as well. elsewhere things pretty good but on warm and statisticky side here in the tristate. right now 75 central park with partly cloudy sky winds from the south 5 miles per hour. another warm and a humid start to the day. our dew points are also pretty high again. a little more cloud cover down to the south but nothing producing rain for the time being. it is a quiet day as far as that is concerned. in fact, quiet for a little while. high pressure locked in here over the tristate. humidity is still pumping up some decent amounts of moisture for us here. but there will be back door cold front through the area some time
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late thursday i should say into friday morning. that's when we'll have another chance of a few scattered shores. but today after some patchy morning fog temps make it up to 85 midday and a high of about 91. through next five days high of 92 for you tomorrow. still humid, but then that back door cold front comes on by and that will bring us scattered showers at that time and then cooler temps in the days to follow. holiday weekend looking fantastic. by the way, i want to send out a congratulations, happy 25th anniversary to my pals gina and robi anniversary on the 31st hope you have a fantastic one and wedded bliss. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and see what's going on long island railroad, what a problem. >> it is mike and we got the latest update right now. this just came in long island railroad, the trains are averaging westbound 60 minute delay. there was some power problems in the east river tunnel, amtrak related so trains on average 60 westbound, and also cancelationings. try to plan ahead.
7:18 am
take subway at least. eastbound limited service between penn station to jamaica. subways are cross honoring with e7 two and three trains. maps take a look at our commute as far as westchester goes tractor trailer wandered on to the hutch so a lane there northbound traffic a little slow over by king street but not a big delay. fine on tappan zee bridge this morning. hudson river crossings, five minutes lower level. lincoln tunnel has a 30 minute delay with the holland tunnel 15 minutes. let's check in on the bronx in the bronx because you know what yesterday was such a mess on bruckner. there's cross bronx by the parkway westbound normal delays. eastbound side you're fine there. oh, hi greg thank you for sliding on in. i like that. >> it this can beat traffic woes you can weave in and out called a hover board go a little bit lower. you seen it the other day. >> how did you do? >> only fallen 7 times. >> only.
7:19 am
>> no chipped teeth yet most amazing thing ever. seen people using these out there? >> no i haven't. more and more like a brotherhood. sisters too. >> it is not easy. are these licensed you have to get a license for them? >> i don't know. >> segways? how about a helmet? >> thank you. let's look at what's going on out there. mike says it is going to be hot again. d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. growth presents itself?
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. chelsea market great big mart/new york one is there. weather on the ones. >> sample sales big fashion brands do their thing there too. >> used to work there. 6th floor -- >> good location. hot spot. a lot around there. a cool club, powell. restaurant. >> ask rosanna about those italian restaurants. what else is going on? >> been a story out of illinois a man hunt for three accused cop chicago. >> he was killed 32-year-old veteran of that department running after suspects yesterday morning in the village of fox
7:23 am
lake raid youd for backup when it arrived they found the lieutenant has been shot. father of four. several schools in the area will stay closed today as search continues. he was beloved by the foxway community, this has captured attention of the entire country. they're desperately looking for the men responsible. >> actor dylan baker known or for his show good wife and spider-man movies found himself in a real life drama. >> yesterday afternoon baker attempted to rescue his neighbor when a fire broke out on 33rd floor of their high-rise in hells kitchen. let's see we talked to baker about what happened. these frantic moments. >> my family had just gotten home, the hall totally clear and not hrn 7 minutes later, the alarm had went off. went out, smoke everywhere. i told my family to get out. i went to our -- next door neighbor vivian's apartment and danged on the door and shouted her name.
7:24 am
i opened the door surprised to find it own and there was flames everywhere, and smoke coming out at me. so i had to slam the door. i yelled again. i didn't hear anything. firefighters rescued that come from the apartment taken to st. lukes roosevelt hospital listed in serious condition. >> still mcdonald's breakfast all day. about time. i've been calling this for a long time. and makes no sense. nobody wants to eat a big mac as much as i like them on 10:31 sundaying morning an a unveiled plan goes forward as of right now. >> is that the deet? >> customers can pegs on their favorite murch and biscuit whatever you like hot cake, sausage burritos et cetera. hoping this will turn around slumping sales that's the big reason why they're doing this. >> actually some places have it right now . but nation wide october 6th -- which is less dinner a little
7:25 am
bit more than a month away. coming soon about time. here's the new logo changed. >> started in 1938. >> let's along at mike and his baby steps on the hover board. mike -- >> wow. greg: you're doing okay. mike: not bad learned how to turn right, left. face. makes me money. >> what you teach a four-year-old how to ride a bike without training wheels. show how it is done? a professional -- easy to dismount? easier than getting on? whew. get on. showing -- wow. now -- how long have you practiced with that?
7:26 am
>> for about a week now. if i want to go into the olympics is there a olympic sport for that right now? you see what to aspire to. >> gosh. side. and then you get on okay, lean forward a little bit. cutting up that core mikey. core site but man. now try backwards. you know how to turn yet. side. >> exactly push down on the other. so proud him. >> look -- greg kelly a teacher. i thought i was nuts. >> come on. some velocity. this way, this way. >> learning to roller skate. >> give me a ramp. i need a jump.
7:27 am
7:28 am
130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken",
7:29 am
bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... >> mike if i seem a little goofy it's because i'm joining rosanna on vacation tomorrow but i'm not going to go before you get more proficient with that duck. sompleg i can pick it up and carry the legacy on. watch me go through these
7:30 am
obstacles. this has changed my life. >> that goes 10 miles per hour? rming it does. that is where by the way, when you go outside you definitely need a helmet. mike i have a lot of faith in you. are you ready to do this? >> not all that easy. you gave me a nice lesson. put on first. toe up against the side. find your balance. okay put this to out per edge. there we go now lean forward, and basically whichever direction you want to turn you push the other toe down if i want to turn right i push my -- reeght toe turning backwards it is the opposite. this is funky duck they let us borrow it for a little while. it does warn orn the actual height of itself --
7:31 am
injury or death could result. it is right there. weather wall is over there. the weather report. don't crash into the camera. you want me to pick up -- >> he's flying not bad. not bad. you know what having having done this only if five minutes not bad at all. kind of like it. >> now a weather forecast for that. >> while you do your weather can i have it over there please? >> look at greg like a six-year-old kid over here. >> do your weather now give me back my toy. >> nobody got hurt. thank you very much sam. i have to tell you it brings back nightmare when is i was 11 years old riding my skateboard tripped over a pine cone. broke my collarbone. exactly. so it shall >> did that much damage. account caught in between two front wheels not good. show you what's up out there for
7:32 am
the weather forecast for the day 66 average low. 102 that's the record high for today we're not going to records but in the heat wave here. nonetheless, this will be fourth day if we with go to 90 plus. 72 in newark. 64 degrees in allentown, and 69 degrees in bridge port. also diewpghts are pretty high out there again around 65 or 65 plus. gets to be the uncomfortable range that's why a lot of us are at this point. counting on another bad hair day out there as well. but heat and humidity a little bit of a challenge. also some fog out here especially in long island. but nassau and suffolk looking at patchy dense fog places are looking visibility down to one quarter mile or less. same along jersey shore but a lot of sunshine out there today. high pressure is in control. keep bringing in that heat and humidity for next two days before this back door cold front drops into town.
7:33 am
that will be chance of showers. 91 degreeses but humid too. 92 your high tomorrow. there's the storm chance at you late tomorrow into early friday gone after that. and then cooler temps into the holing day weekend. labor day weekend it is here. let's bring in ines i saw the video of you doing this last week. pretty good at it. >> not easy right? you know what's not easy either the commute with long island railroad. not good westbound trains arching a 60 minute delay. some are canceled or diverted over to atlantic terminal. cancelation mostly at jamaica. eastbound limited service between penn station and jamaica subways cross honoring penn station, 7 trains over at main street an wood side so you have options. everything else with trains are doing fine. check out roads couple of issues out there this morning starting off with queens normal delays approaching queens boulevard
7:34 am
accident on southbound approaching long island expressway. a slow ride on garden state parkway northbound approaching 135. it has one lane blocked so you have some delays there. southbound side moving fine. staten island expressway, late running construction dealing with that by victory boulevard traffic jammed eastbound. traffic backed up to goethals bridge and west shore expressway. back to you. rch remember that woman who escaped from police in new york. just a couple of days ago literally slipped out of her handcuff at the hospital. well she's been arrested caught yesterday morning. initially slipped out of her handcuffs. >> tiffany newman said she was pregnant and had to go to the hospital all of a sudden she was gone. >> picked up for shoplifting had a meal and caused a disturbance in the street. but she's talking and needs help. >> i've got --
7:35 am
some food. why using -- >> because i'm pregnant. >> really? >> i had like a beer. you're pregnant? >> because i'm so beat up. anyone please help me. i need a lawyer, thank you. >> so she said that she had had a beer that she was bar hopping and then again claimed that she's pregnant. so -- that's we know one of the reasons why people are doubting her story of course. >> escaped arrested and then cops who lost track of her one has been suspended. wall street now august was a turbulent month. september i'm told also is a mess. compared to the other months. what's going to happen next let's bring in allison alison morris gorping. >> i feel like i'm on the bad stuff. the first trading day of september and we lost 470 points
7:36 am
not what you want to see for september. all of the china problems concerned about their economy. yesterday they got bad economic figures. manufacturing numbers didn't look good. market didn't do well yesterday. problem in china is not resolved in a week and thought markets will be better next week. that is hot going to happen. except that bumblebee in the back. the crew they have but a good day for somebody. >> companies come in having a big announcement they ring the bell and some have been ringing bells on days when they lost hundreds of points. >> paint up there. wild. what happens today do you think? >> why they're smiling is because everybody is watching to sew how markets are. today is better that's the good news. all indications on the market it will open up higher. a bounce nothing too crazy but we're going to pick things up. keeping an eye on things that are important.
7:37 am
we want to see jobs data out friday. see what unemployment numbers look like because that's giving us an indication of what the fed may do about interest rates. we're getting payroll data out of adp so 8:20 to talk about that. a little indication of how things are. hopefully good news there and maybe pick up during the week but -- >> allison you remember saying september is bad time for the market for those who play this game they're used to ups and downs. >> we have such shorms memories we love to panic when markets go down. it is like human nature we can't take emotion out of it. people know september is not a good month but what's going on? so keep that in your back pockets. august a was awflt. we have got you know issues be careful. don't check your 401(k). >> that thing showed mike woods how use it is called a hover
7:38 am
board this one from funky duck is the name of the company. i have to tell you it's -- you feel like an and angel risk of death and serious injuries right on parking lot -- should wear a helmet going up and down stairs with this thing. >> all right. rng well that would give him a one up on you because you can do flat surfaces. to graduates. >> time for mike to fly. >> time to go outside if we can please. what's happening it is 90 plus degrees. what's up with this? a wig store? is >> what is that? >> those are they usually use -- hats on them and stuff and street venders. where is that please? creepy of them sitting there. we'll investigate.
7:39 am
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[ cheers and applause ] is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> it is technically wednesday around here greg but certainly feel like a friday. flf greg: what did you say there teresa? teresa: feels like a friday here.
7:42 am
greg: meat packing district but cobblestone streets. greg: clubs kick in 12:30 in the morning. mike? mike: some of them do. that's why i get every week i go down there to what's called dickinson meat market and i get my roasted chicken. roasted chicken so delicious. at the butcher, got stuff. >> as good as the markets? >> so -- one roasted chicken 16.50. >> m16 -- save. >> dickinsons, thank you. >> actually they should thank me. anyhow let's show you what's going on. greg is having a good time with the hovercraft whatever it is. we've got ts starting off pretty warm. warm and statisticky we've got another air quality alert in effect for gray shaded counties motion of new jersey.
7:43 am
except for wrn and suffolk county also it covers coastal sections of connecticut. high level of ozone here. other than that welcome the other problem that we have well, your fog is cutting down visibility down to one quarter of a mile one eighth of a mile for you in islip now dropped down even further. also down in belmar down to 0 so they have a good amount of fog out there. you have to slow it down on roadways so keep that in mind. that many be a problem so probably around 8, 9:00 and then burn off for us as sun goes to work. 75 degrees central park. high pressure directing up more of a heat and humidity over southeastern states that's what will continue to come at us. no showers or storms until tomorrow night when a back door cold front slides into the area. that will try to kick up a few little showering but i'm not counting on sm. so temp wise 91 for a high. lots of sun out there. humid too.
7:44 am
tomorrow up to 92 for a high a five day stretch of 90 degree heat. cooler temps do follow in days to follow and labor day looking nice and sunny but warmer highs up to 98 and 90 tuesday. by the way, if you want to check out the fox 5 weather app it is free. check it out l hads and alerts like severe weather will pop up on your phone automatically lightning detection within a certain distance of you. it will let you know search fox 5 weather, at the google play or apple itunes store there for free right now. we have commute issues where are they ines? >> roads rails a little bit of everything this morning. an accident on 287 northbound bit exit 1 that's causing delays. late running construction jammed eastbound off the goethals bring and west shore a slow ride as you prof drove road. one lane closed there. out there for a while.
7:45 am
l.i.e. camera an accident by deer park of avenue one lane blocked here. a fog is causing this but you have delays on long island expressway westbound. check the washington bridge driving into the city no delay on upper, lower level. lincoln tunnel 495, 40 minute into the city. holland tunnel about a 20men delay. long island railroad trainings with a 6 minute delay. causing this delay some trains canceled by jamaica or diverted to atlantic terminal. eastbound limited service between penn station e7 two or three trains those are your options. everything else on or close to schedule. teresa and greg. greg: thank you. time for joseph -- joseph -- >> you know you're in trouble. >> hello gregory found an @let egg endeavor you're better at me than. >> better than push up and real
7:46 am
name is joseph but likes to go by duke because it is tougher . >> any timeout to fight -- very good on the hovercraft. i fell like 8 times. >> we saw. >> wasn't good. >> yankees in boston again last night my opinion here yankees best hitter, defender is cashman good. boned bruise just not healing. yankees trailing runners at second and third. a poor solo pitch to playing two runs they lead 2-1. and then top of the eighth brett gardner scouts love this guy. and -- people love this guy, and -- >> did he get a hit? >> wouldn't show it if it wasn't a hit.
7:47 am
solo home run. 4-3 final score. they won half out at first place. citi field we go now. mets and phillies trailing 6- . 2. gaping and gone. he came over in the trade from detroit and energized team. 27th of the year. up 6-4 at citi field this saturday. and jet he's great. wow. all right bobby walked first two men and then font bunt attempt throw it is away. tough year for bobby. night. they lose it 14-8. >> in first place ?ferlg greg are they ever? >> remain six and a half games out in washington for the first place because st. louis cardinals brandon moss hit the quackoff game winning home tear tied at 3 and bottom scored at 5. cardinals win it, 25.
7:48 am
second round of the u.s. open later today. both number one seats serena williams will face kee burton that's my wife's name. well men's side of things novak djokovic will face mauer. u.s. open number three seed. andy murray hits 18 ace as saved 11-3 break points, and putting together a 7-5, 6-3 win. round. stand the man, got the t-shirt to prove it. rates u.s. open second round yesterday with a 7-4, 5-6 win. and caroline versus jamie yesterday. second set cruising remember last year, she was at the u.s. open playing still training for marathon running in central park. well lobe hits it wide here.
7:49 am
patch point and wins 6-2, 6-love. all right this is great not many men brave enough to ask mma champ rhonda rowsy out on a date. but that's just what this marine did. take a look. >> honor to tack you to the marine corps. ball. i hope this doesn't get in the way in january. but i hope you take this in consideration, if you do you will be truly making my dream come true. >> jared hatcher, he asked rhonda rousey if she would go to the ball. but she had conditions. rhonda is in the green doing winning. [laughter] >> she wants him to find dates for a friend that's one condition and he has to be a gentleman. video is already been received by nearly 5 million views. that. not sure about that one, duke. >> that's cool. >> very, very cool.
7:50 am
back in the hovercraft? >> look another lesson? all right hold on let's go outside for a second duke i lot love this thing thanks for asking. old homestead. got most expensive hamburger in town. half the cow hanging out the front. >> back with breaking news about the lirr services in an out of penn station. we'll have the latest coming up.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53 am
>> we're back dealing with problems on long island railroad all morning long and now service is suspended in and out of penn station. the reason for this is power problems in the east river tunnel. amtrak related so right now terminating at jamaica that is main line train. traveling port washington branch terminating 59 wood side avenue. some over to atlantic terminal but no direct service in and out of penn station. cross honoring east 7, 2, trains expect delays because of congestion. we'll continue to keep you up to date. greg and teresa. >> thanks ines. here's anna gilligan everybody. >> hi everybody good morning. so remembering broadway actor charl john baptiste. 21-year-old died last week after falling from fire escape. john made history when he became
7:54 am
first african-american actor and est person ever to play the lead in "les mis" on broadway. last performance in the role was on thursday. and there was a big controversy that erupted on social media it was over james bond author anthony horowitz's comment that actor is too street to play bond. many thought there was a racist subtext to that remark. now elba rumored to be in running to play iconic character if so the first black james bond. >> who is horowitz ian wrote the james bond book. no wrote a more recent one. ferghts must have passed on by now. ferlg horowitz acknowledged controversy and quickly apologized for remarks writing i'm sorry it caused offense that wasn't my intention. good for trial and john luther
7:55 am
in my mind but i admit a poor choice of words. did point out another aron american actor to make another. a book out called purity. some reviews in entertainment weekly said it has great parts, men tear on mod rn life compromises in history of human behavior but also exhausting, and that he has an ugly take on women and there he is -- he peace and so it was freedom so this one is highly anticipated that came out yesterday. >> he comes out every five to ten year of book. atlantic had positive reviews his pro is alive with intelligence and exhilarating. quotes from that review. >> thank you. facebook fan of the hour time and we want to thank rachel for watching "good day new york" an their pooch there too.
7:56 am
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. greg: hi everybody. it is wednesday.
7:59 am
september 2nd welcome to the show the i'm greg kelly. teresa: i'm teresa priolo another scorcher out there. mike it telling us heat wave in effect. we'll have details coming up in his forecast. greg: was a fight club at a new jersey day care center well that's the accusation two adult who is ran the day care center worked there. organizing fights for the children and then capturing it on social media. bad news. after months of just down playing homeless crisis in new york city mayor de blasio changing his tune lawbt in a radio interview. hehe said that problem is reality and pledged not to tolerate homeless encampment. >> two weeks pope frances will be in new york city and learning about opportunities to see the pope with your own eyes. procedures to follow. we also have this.
8:00 am
there's a snake. snake spotted on a train. on a woman's shoulder on l-train last week. >> weirder stuff. >> a snake remember that snake on the plane craze. >> with woman is holding it, her pet. in violation of mta rule but we'll break that down for you-up. >> elvis sometimes spot of that dentist who shot the lieon page six rosanna fighted on long island. you sew that. a boldface name. she was is actually doing some good work with fitzgerald. they around 9-1-1 they think about them and important work they do on the side but there sited not canoodling but sited someone phoned it in. >> in there with boldfaced names too. greg: who else sited? richard gere isaiah thomas
8:01 am
keeping big company. shakira. rosanna look at her with sunglasses thinking she's all famous. hanging with the celeb friends elvis howard and pretty soon couric. that was matt dylan that was last week. working in the city. >> somebody has got to do it. mike how do you feel about this? >> proud much rosanna especially doing charitable work for one time. >> she does a lot of charitable work. >> she keeps her schedule full. ferlg getting some sun. >> for god not evil this thing. great week to be out there man it feels like summer pout for sure with high temps in 90s and humidity hanging around and rain is taking a break again here at least for a while but we may see some in just a couple of days but here's what we have.
8:02 am
man pretty impressive up to 95 that was third day in a row of 90 plus. did at central park. same in allentown up to 87 in islip, and out in montauk you've made it up 2083 with cooler ocean water, obviously, a little cooler out there. even that for this time of the year warm stuff. 78 central park at this point. 62 sussex. 61 degrees in monticello. 65 degrees in poughkeepsie. mild start down to an a eighth of a mile but one in quarter mile in belmar. bottom line is there's been patchy dense fog and there's an advisory actually -- just a little notation there, a statement saying that you have dense fog in nassau and suv to but slow is down because it could cut it way down. dangerous on roads. we have a clear sky nice and dry for you today. a little more cloud cover down to the south but not a worry for
8:03 am
a while. high pressure is in control. that will continue to direct the warm, humid air, to us here in the tristate with above normal temperatures coming area as well. infact, today we put average high of 80 degrees to shame before lunch time. 91 degreesing and sticky at the same time. air quality takes hit. some of is us have air quality in connecticut but lots of ozone. highs take a dip after a cold front comes by. highs down to 82 as well as saturday. holiday qeepped good. lots of sun all watt through. bring in ines she's been being. messed us up this morning. right, ines? >> a lot of congestion and delays service suspended in and out of penn station there was power problems amtrak related one in east river technology. they have to suspend service
8:04 am
westbound trains terminating at jamaica traveling main line. wood side traveling on port washington branch also diverted to atlantic avenue but a lot of congestion on platforms trying to figure their way around this. new york city e train 7, 2, 3, train a lot of congestion. let's talk about the roads because we have problems with that this morning. new jersey and staten island expressway. a garden state parkway exit 135 traffic jammed back to driscoll bridge. 287 a crash. late running construction causing a mess on staten island expressway off the goethals bridge and west shore by clove road cross islands parkway northbound, two lanes are blocked here as you approach long island expressway. speaking of that, camera on long island over by new hyde park, left lane closed. hov lanes are fine.
8:05 am
westbound take a look at the traffic jam in westbound direction. back to you. >> thank you very much to kids fighting at a day care center happens unfortunately but may have been orchestrated by adults who work there. >> a situation at a new jersey day care center in cranford who facing charges after accused of forcing children to fight and then sharing videos on social media with their friends. fox 5 kerry drew has more on when went on with the latest on this. good morning. >> business is usual here today at the day care facility in qur'an toured. we've seen a steady stream of cars pulling into the parking lot all morning since place opened about an hour ago at 7 a.m. parents dropping their kids off for another day of day care what disturbing. two former employees have been arrested both are now facing child abuse charming's. authorities say they forced kids as you think why as four years
8:06 am
old to fight each other. speaking about what two former day care work reverse accused of doing here at light bridge academy day care in cranford welcome new jersey. union county prosecutor says 22-year-old erika kenny and 28-year-old white forced children between agings of four and six to fight on the playgrounds. authorities say one of the day care workers recorded fighting and shared it on snap chat. prosecutors office has the video showing about a dozen kids shoving each orr to the ground and trying to hit one another. in the video authorities say one of the workers even uses the phrase fight club. claire's son attends the day care. >> sinclair told the fighting happening once on august 13th that his son was not involved. >> it is a one office -- my son wasn't interacting with persons involved.
8:07 am
>> this mother did not want to show her face on camera but says incident. >> shocked and disgusted, of course, it was told about it but not like how we're learning of it today. >> light bridge saying this 18-year history. >> i'm here to tell you that they fully sport the office and actions, we're so thankful that none of the children have been hurt in that incident. >> both of those former day care employees are expected to be in court on friday if convicted of the charges spend up to five years behind bars. latest live from here in cranford back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much one man is dead an five others in custody after a carjacking occurring in newark. >> six people held up a woman at gunpoint yesterday morning.
8:08 am
taking her silver jaguar and then used it during a robbery. three men arrested. two others barricaded themselves in a house, the sixth struck by a police vehicle and died. s.w.a.t. team members used tear gas most of them are juveniles. officials have not given name or ages but quite a scene there dramatic you can see surrendering right there. live captured on live television yesterday. >> one of the wrestling stars charged with murder. >> he was big in the 1980s look at that impressive in the ring now accused of killing his girlfriend. now back in 1983 let's see nancy arch found severely injured in a pennsylvania motel room. she died the next day. snuke a person of interesting for years but things warmed up
8:09 am
in this investigation two years ago. a pennsylvania newspaper raised questions about the case that put it back in the public eye. current wife says he was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. but right now -- she's being held in a pennsylvania jail. the woman was found dead again in a pennsylvania motel. all right what's going on with iran? >> two more senate democrats supporting nuclear deal making a win for president obama. didn't stop demonstrators from voice their disapproval in mid-taj last nights. member of a veteran group joined joe lieberman and current republican presidential candidate lindsay grammy outside offices of new york's two senators chuck schumer and christian gillibrand. he's supporting it. this month the senate reports to block the deal. president says he will veto it and needs 34 votes to uphold at this point one shy. greg: so let's see. what's going on this the presidential content donald
8:10 am
trump and jeb bush really going at it finally jeb bush who donald trump is kind of made fun of. more than -- abused him ofort past couple of months. jeb bush is kind of -- kind of -- firing back let's go to loys liz with more on all of this. good morning. rng gorn to the both of the you. former florida governor jeb bush releasing this one slamming republican front runner, donald trump. you would be shocked to see that they identify more as a democrat. where a republican? >> i have no idea. >> i lived in new york city in manhattan all my life so my views are a little bit different. : trump is an interview this morning and said he's friendly with candidates. two of the top six secure for this upcoming debate on september 16th. cnn has a new set of rules
8:11 am
hosting the debate now new rules decide which will make it in. any cant who ranks in top ten in polling between august 6th and september 10th will be included. polls going become to july. carly phee roadway that ceo encourage cnn to make this change saying old criteria would have fairly excluded her with less weight to her boost in the polls after the first debate but main stage she has to knock out governor christie barely made it on fox news. but christie epaed on shawn's show and spoke out about immigration. we have to track people easer those who overstay their visa. all of the crazy people on the left go wow. >> what you want to put a chip in people? trchg no, there's technology available today that would allow
8:12 am
us to do this and to do it well. mean tile all eyes are on the vice president. biden headline a private fundraiser for senate democrats. this move comes as he thinks about his own run for pet challenging democratic front runner hillary clinton. one of the main things holding him back from the decision is whether or not the family is ready to pursue a campaign only months after the death of his son, beau biden we'll see. hear from him in comes weeks. back to you. twompleg guys in new jersey got into a fight over a kids' softball game they went at it kind of hard. let's see michael and duffy this video went viral and intensified this fight. back during a tournament. let's see adjudicated. >> both fined and if they can stay out of trouble for a year those charming'ses are expunged
8:13 am
from the record and go on living their lives. greg: now take a look at this from the subway. l-train is this weirdest thing you've ever seen probably not. but -- not look the ?eak showed up there. thing woman might have owned the snake, right? >> i think so. >> what is remarkable is other people are unphased by the entire thing. >> supposed to be running down, screaming? >> so -- , obviously, she owns the snake into snakes. very comfortable with it. technically against rules to bring a pet on the subway. that's not in the cage. although i have seen dogs i would never turn anybody for having a dog on the train without a cage. gross things on the train wouldn't bother me as much -- >> every time three times a month we send out camera, reporter new survey about how bad this subway is. i'm fine with the subway.
8:14 am
i find it clean. fast, efficient. except on qeendz. oh, weekends, i treat myself to a cab or drive migs. anyway so that happened on l-train everybody is fine. >> just a-ok. >> you know what i mean subway service but am i only one with who finds it pretty decent? >> it is great. >> gets me to where i need to go it is fastest way. >> don't try f train on the weekend. nothing underground. i don't know how many timings i was in queens when i wanted upper east side. but it happens. i much rather snuggle up it that ?awk on the train than some of the people. some of the people whew -- anyhow get you going here this morning another hot one again. we have temps 78 central park. 74 newark. 65 degrees in poughkeepsie, and 61 in monticello we have some fog but starting to break up. dew points not catching break there. look at the ugly numbers.
8:15 am
71 degree dew point for you in newark that's oppressive there. same thing in islip. 66 degree dew point out at central park that is still uncomfortable. this is the same basic story as what we have for last few dayings. more pumped into the tristate region. most of us are in that uncomfortable range here today but some goes to oppressive range attack it real easy. we have air quality alert xepght for sussex and warren counties and then coastal section of connecticut with the air quality alert out there too. high pressure is in control directing up heat an humidity you are direction. if we have a front like this to come on through here that could change that i thing up in terms of the temperatures but that takes day. leading up to it hot and humid today and tomorrow. already in the midst of a heat wave here. three days 90s plus in the city. storm chances are small but later tomorrow, a cold front
8:16 am
back door one drops in from the north and that will bring us more clouds, and try to kick up a few showers, though, i don't have too much rain coming out of that but a little bit is better than nothing. skies. high of 91 back to 87 for that ride home. nice and dry, but warm at the same time. very warm. high of 92 for you tomorrow. request again start off sunny and bring in more clouds and showers late thursday and friday. temps come down high of 82 friday, and same thing on saturday. by sunday, your high temps are starting to make their way back up. if you want weather information things like headlines alliters, well download fox 5 weather app at the apple itunes and search "fox 5 ny" weather there for you. comes in handy to give you info that you need. bring it on over to ines rosales who has been tied up with the long island railway.
8:17 am
good morning ines. >> it has problems all morning long suspended service, because of power problems amtrak related so left signal problems there east river tunnel. service suspended westbound trains are terminating jam ka station on main line traveling on port washington branch an trains are diverted to atlantic term that will. we have video of one of our colleagues she was taken the long island railroad train to work yeah jamaica station. everyone had to get off the train to take a look at the station. so that is something you have to deal with. take a look at everybody single file on the next train had is from jessica one of our new reporters here a huge mess with riders everyone is mad. alternate take the terms and conditions train. they're cross honoring but that is where everyone is headed it delays with those subways as
8:18 am
well. we have an accident by deer park avenue. delays back to the tractor trailer flipped over. ramp towards northbound sea ford oyster bay expressway. staten island not a good ride this morning. expressway jammed late running construction at clove road backed up to goethals bridge and west shore. cam cameras foggy at deer park avenue how slow traffic is. hov lanes are fine. yeah that qb lane closed. guys back to you. >> man it is dark the there. fog with the cam rag and interacts with the lighting. >> the real great with loni love. the whole crew -- going to dance their way into channel five in a little bit.
8:19 am
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> awe --
8:22 am
on a day like today we got fog out there. you see it is that the gw i can't tell. upstair, downstairs. okay. couple of things going on. mayor de blasio he was denying denying that there was an increase of homelessness in the city and acknowledging that there is. why that is, well he's been blaming bloomberg administration he blames global economy lots of different thingings but he's finally recognizing that there's a problem, in fact, earlier this week he announced that top deft mayor in charming of these issues will be leaving at the end of the month that's an indication that yeah they got a problem. mayor spoke about this. >> gotten a lot worse over the last decade since the great recession. another part of this is mistakes of government policy particularly in 2011 when city and state ended single most program that kept numbers and
8:23 am
shelter into about 35,000 folks. >> i don't know. well listen promises to crack down on homeless encampment address issues issues that new yorkers have been complaining about one happens to be growing homeless population. >> mayor giuliani said that blasio methods were not aggressive enough in dealing with homelessness. he says you chasing him and chase him. this is from rudy and either get the treatment they need or chase him out of the city and giuliani complained that his house personal lit is a home here in manhattan. >> you see it all over the place seeing up town, northern union square rough week and it seem to be growing it does. greg: tough on those folks who can use a break. down on their luck. all right let's go back to wall street we've got alison morris with us. august was a horrible month. september you say is usually pretty bad too? >> on average it's not great. i have more news for you we got jobs data out.
8:24 am
private job growth, adp heard of payroll people they have added 190,000 jobs we added 190,000 jobs in private success tore for august that was shy looking over 200. with that, today futures for how the stock market is beginning to look creeping back a little bit. we think we're going to have a goods open and open in positive territory but a little bit less of a boom. off to a lousy start for september. yesterday was worst start to september. we've had since 2002 that is not good news. >> throwing china out of the equation today because they're closed for next couple of days. >> you can't full china out of the equation because we're not directly following their market. but the news that we're getting out of there is concern of one. interesting to see what happens over next couple of days because they are -- they have a big holiday there and they want everything to be very is positive about the chinese economy an about the situation there. so interest to kind of what news we'll hear out of cheen.
8:25 am
but people are worried their economy didn't look to spark a global recession. >> allison your hair is awesome? >>ed creeped its way but tweaked it a little bit. >> long hair before? >> used to have real long hair. >> you look like that singer. >> i get that pink thing a lot. what is funny i come to work people will say pink, she goes to work with a lunchbox and bag and business papers. kind of cool. >> cool chick. >> you go to work with a lunch box. >> i'm a business reporter i bring any own lunch. you have to be frugal about it. >> a lunch pail. >> check out what i bring, quiche today. >> a high end lunch pail. outside thanks allison very much. thanks. 90 plus degree weather anticipated today would mac it four. that's a heat wave.
8:26 am
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8:29 am
greg: what's up. welcome back. it is wednesday. the long island rail road is messed up. teresa: it is. greg: in and out of penn station, no long island rail road trains. >> this is a video of the chaos under ground. the people are filing out one by one. greg: ben is on the way there to find out more. the tunnel under the east river is 115 years old or something like that. well, there are issues down there. teresa: that is not a way to start the day. greg: i recommend, to start the day, teresa, mike woods, this thing.
8:30 am
it is called a hoover board. hi, everyone. teresa: you are getting more confident with that. mike: that is when the problems begin. greg: mike woods is going to ride it to weather center. it is the coolest thing in the world. mike, how would you describe it? mike: it is like a segway, but you don't have the handel bars. it is some what of a similar idea. it goes like 10 miles per hour? greg: yes, really, i should be wearing a helmet. teresa: you remind me of, remember the jetsons, remember rosie, the robot. she had wheels. she was doing the house hold chores and making dinner. greg: mike, how much instruction
8:31 am
did i give you, like five minutes. mike: yes. he says put this on one side. left foot up. go for it. see. you are on your own. mike: all right. teresa: there you go. it is like parallel parking. greg: mike, you are awesome. mike: not bad. here is what to expect for the weather. we have the father here and he can bless me if something goes wrong. the heat wave is likely to continue for the tristate region for the next couple of days. the temperatures high up near 90 degrees. friday and beyond closer to normal here. for labor day weekend, things
8:32 am
are looking better. oh, boy. we have air quality alerts in effect for parts of the tristate. when it comes to coastal sections of connecticut, we have air quality alert. high levels of ozone. the temperatures are warm. warm and sticky at the same time. we are looking at the radar and satellite, mainly clear skies -- [laughter]. greg: mike, you are awesome. do a 360. mike: i'm showing up. i'm feeling like greg kelly. wow. so any way, now i'm dizzy. it is a decent looking day. it is hot and humid. we have a cold front coming into town and trying to kick up the
8:33 am
thursday night. uv index is 7. high temp up to 91. i made it through. the highs in the 90s today and tomorrow and then back down to 80s. not to the future. i made it through. you have serious stuff. ines: so uch many is going on with long island rail road. power problems in the east river tunnel and service is suspended in and out of penn station. terminating at jamaica and wood terminal. platforms. we have video in. this is video from jamaica station. everyone is looking into what to do and where to go.
8:34 am
she was trying to take an e train. everyone trying to get to the stairs, trying to get some where or to work. jessica one of the reporters, also at jamaica station, look at the congestion they are dealing with. wuf the subways alternating. there could be delays with all of the congestion. now to the maps, we have problems on the roads as well. the staten island expressway is backed up because of late running construction. the delays going back to gothels. if you are driving to work, the l.i.e. west bound is actually doing okay. mostly delays on the eastbound side. the normal delays by queens boulevard. we have problems on the l.i.e. eastbound.
8:35 am
that is an accident blocking lanes. just the hov lanes are getting through. back to you. greg: all right. thank you. pope francis is coming to new york city in two and a half weeks now, and he's making news along the way. a special letter issued this week and offering forgiveness of what many thought in the church was unforgivable, having an abortion abortion. we are bringing in father jonathan morris, he's a fox 5 contributor and a priest, as you can see and has a parish in the bronx. >> there is no such thing as unfore give bl sin. yes, a lot of people come up to me and other priests or pastors
8:36 am
and say i know i can never be fore given because i had an abortion. but i can't walk into the church, the roof will fall down because i'm a sinner. the church is for sinners. the pope is saying in case there is doubt, anybody that walks into a confessional and asking for forgiveness of sin, it is a moment to do that, it is a great moment to say i want to begin again. teresa: father, is this only in the year of mercy? >> anybody asking god for forgiveness god hears and forgives, right, but there is confusion, there is confusion with the interpretation of the cannon law. my interpretation and most is
8:37 am
that any priest could about a solve you from the sin of aboshes before this. in the old cannon law, going back was going to the bishop. this clears it up and pope francis being pope francis. >> greg: what about the controversy, there are the catholics and i'm hearing that some are not terribly, pleased with this message. there are mixed feelings about this. >> yes, you will see people yelling at me and the pope. the idea is they are concerned that the pope is saying it is not that bad of a sin, aboshes is not so bad. that is not what he's doing. he's saying all sin is forgivable, god is so big and so good.
8:38 am
if there is a confusion, now there isn't confusion. on the flip side of that, with the controversial, this is something that is also appealing to younger set of catholics. it is following the messages that the pope released, tolerating same-sex marriage and allowing divorced people back to the church and receiving comun yun. >> it is classic pope francis ks come how many, the church is for everyone. no sin bigger than god's mercy. >> all right. >> thank you. >> i am hoping to use the hover board for the homily this sunday and going down the aisles. >> greg: if you would allow it, that is okay. on marble, right. up and down the aisle. i will practice.
8:39 am
>> wear the robe very long and they won't see it. greg: father, anything else to know about the pope's visit? >> it is going to be exciting. >> are you going to meet him? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> thank you, father morris. more available online. we are looking outside if we can. it is 8:39 in the morning. there is the world trade center. >> yes. greg: have you been to the top of that? >> teresa: i have not. greg: father, i recommend it. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. racing towards us. t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' but you can be ready.
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greg: we are going to penn station. it is a huge mess in and out of penn station. we have got no trains going in and out of penn station. teresa: there are power problems
8:43 am
and causing delays and problems. there is a lot of congestion. ben simmoneau is live out of penn station and he's telling us what he's hearing and seeing there. good morning, ben. ben: it is a mess at penn station. we have talked about the new jersey transit troubles and now the troubles for the commuters coming from the east. no trains on the lirr are making it into penn station. there is a power outage affecting the signals on the long island side of the east river tunnel. everyone is gets off at jamaica. this is taken by one of the colleagues at jamaica. there is cross honoring.
8:44 am
it is unclear when that situation is going to be resolved. i talked to gentleman here and over 90 minutes to get from jamaica to penn station and sitting still for over an hour. this time though, greg, teresa, a different batch of commuters, those on the lirr this morning. if you are headed to the us open, do not rely on the lirr. take the 7 train. >> greg: ben, thank you. you are at penn station and showing jamaica, that is a mess. we are going to jessica, she's on the phone at jamaica station, and what is like there? >> it is an absolute mess here. a lot of people waiting for the e train and they are packing the train like sardines. i'm not kidding. i want to tell you about my commute.
8:45 am
i took the 7:02. it is an express train. we stopped at every single stop on the way and that train was packed. i could pt get a seat. we got to jamaica and told to get off and told to take the e train. the amount of people down here, it is hot outside, you can only imagine how hot it is down here. people are sweating. i'm sweating. more and more people are coming down here. a lot of frustrated passengers and some are saying there is nothing you can do, it is what it is. but it is a big mess here. maybe three e trains have passed since 7:50. as soon as the doors opened people flocked into them.
8:46 am
it is a mess. greg: jessica, all right, sorry about that. that is intense. you are still late for work, technically. >> no, i'm on the clock. greg: what are the plans? >> i'm waiting for a crew to come here. if not, i will have to be one of the passengers like here and be a sardine on the e train. greg: so, some people are taeking the subway. is there hope waiting for the long island rail road it is solved soon, do you know? >> we don't know. we don't know how long it is taking for them to repairs. here, i mean, right now, it is a line. hundreds and hundreds of people are walking down the escalator to catch a train.
8:47 am
teresa: i imagine it is sticky down there. people are annoyed starting the day this way. >> yes, a lot of people wiping off the sweat. people are bumping into each other and the bags. i have a rolling suitcase. it is a mess. you just don't want to be here. we have to stick it out. >> greg: jessica, good luck. we'll check back. see you in a bit. or maybe not. teresa: we hope to see you soon. .
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> yes, send me a greg: i saw straight outta compton and it is awesome. the trailer for the new johnny depp and it is about the mobster from massachusetts. anna, what is going on and when can i see the movie. >> september 18th it is coming out. there is oscar buzz.
8:51 am
take a look at the trailer. if you are not familiar with the story, the james whitey bullgar alluded the authorities before being caught in 2011 and indicted on 19 murder counts and serving two life sentences in jail. now the movie is based on the book by the same name that allegeses that he cooperated with a corrupt fbi. >> his brother, this mobster had a brother that was a president of the senate and became the president of the university of massachusetts. apparently they stayed in touch, at least for a while. it is an amazing story. johnny depp is good.
8:52 am
>> apparently he's reported to be excited about the role and doing the press, something he usually doesn't like to do. it is soming out september 18th. new teasers out for the new season of american horror story hotel. they are creepy. this season, so the actors are lady gaga, sara paulson, kathy bates. the franchise received 70 emmy award nominations. this next season promises to be a good and friektenning one. >> and we are getting our first close look at who may be kermit's any girlfriend. people magazine is the first to publish the pictures. it is only less than a month
8:53 am
since kermit and miss piggy reported splitting up. >> piggy was into kermit and kermit not into piggy at all. she was sexually harassing kermit. kermit, maybe not into pigs. >> maybe he went vegetarian. well, any way... greg: what'd you mean by that? >> kermit is denying there's a new relationship. saying they are just friends. greg: suspect there a new puppet show? >> yes. they are working on up late with miss piggy. greg: that's what i was talking about. okay. thank you very much.
8:54 am
coming up, the girls are dancing into the studio like on the talk show every day. they are awesome.
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facebook fan of the hour. thank you for tuning in. you would like to be the fan of the hour go to our facebook page. >> the long island rail road a huge problem, nothing going in or out of penn station. you are on your own. there are big problems in the east river tunnel. ines? >> i heard, well, port washington branch suspended between port washington and penn station. >> oh, boy. i hope you are not in the middle of all of this. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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